Go Local NMOADP Launch

In partnership with Music Declares Emergency, Music Venue Trust is asking live music fans to

#GoLocal for Earth Day

Friday 22 April 2022

This Earth Day we encourage you to #GoLocal by attending a gig in your hometown, and we challenge you to walk, cycle or use public transport.

It is better for the environment and it also supports the local music ecosystem!

Together, we must Invest In Our Planet.

Because a green future is a prosperous future.

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“I’m Sam Carter from the band Architects and this Earth Day I would like to encourage you to #GoLocal to see some live music, and when you do, why not take a nice walk or cycle to get there instead of a taxi or driving. That way you’re helping the environment and also you're helping yourself and your body! If you're not able to do that, how about taking some form of public transport to lower your footprint! By going Local like this you are doing your bit for local venues and the environment”

-Sam Carter, lead vocalist for Architects and UK Ambassador for Sea Shepherd; registered marine conservation charity whose primary mission is to conserve and protect marine ecosystems and species.

When you #GoLocal you are considerably improving the impact you make as an individual on the environmental damage caused by vehicles. You are also supporting the cultural development of your town, the development of your local artists and your local venue.

Travel safe & smart and #GoLocal this Earth Day!

The Stats

In 2020 MVT conducted an audience attitude survey about how live music fans attend shows. Out of 29,000 responses:

99% of live music audiences attended shows in their local venues to watch local artists.

85% of live music fans were based in inner cities and towns, where access to live music is most accessible. 41% were based on the outskirts of a town or city.

But only 35.2% walk, with the majority using their own car or public transport.

48% of attendees travel to shows in their own car

23.8% use public transport

This Earth Day Music Venue Trust is challenging the live music community to Go Local. Support your local ecosystem with a climate friendly activity - walk, cycle or take public transport to your local venue.

Music Declares Emergency works with the music industry, artists and fan communities to place the climate emergency, climate justice and the preservation of biodiversity at the core of the global music conversation. Through our work and our banner #nomusiconadeadplanet we are bringing the global music community together to raise awareness of the need for urgent action on climate and to encourage the music community to be at the heart of that.

We are proud to partner with Music Venue Trust on #Go Local this Earth Day.