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“Seventy-two percent of live music fans said climate change is an important issue to them personally.”

Planet Reimagined, Feb 2, 2024

survey of 350,000 live music fans across the US from over 400 artists

Music Declares Emergency is here to help you make a substantial difference for the climate this election year!

AMPLIFY empowers artists with easy-to-use tools to move their fans to take meaningful climate actions through high-impact, vetted partners.



Music Declares provides a primary call to action with a toolkit that includes QR codes for live performances, sample social posts and clear messaging to activate your fans to take action through our climate partners. We are currently directing fans to register to vote through HeadCount and volunteer with Environmental Voter Project for voter turnout and Climate Changemakers for climate advocacy.


You share with fans at your shows, on social media, email or SMS.


We will share results regularly and work together for continuous improvement for maximum impact.


Sign up to a powerful network of artists and industry professionals to act on the emergency.

Got questions and want to dig into the details? Check out our FAQ below.

Additional questions? Email us at [[email protected]]


  • What is AMPLIFY?
    • AMPLIFY makes it easy for artists to plug into the climate movement by filling the volunteer pipeline for effective grassroots partner programs, then carefully curates calls to action. Calls to action change, adjusting for critical needs of climate movement. AMPLIFY offers artists choices of partners and suggested approaches to activate fans.
  • What is Environmental Voter Project and what do they do?
    • Environmental Voter Project turns non-voting environmentalists into consistent voters. Their work is critical to building our movement. Learn more at
  • What is HeadCount and what do they do?
    • HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy. They reach young people and music fans where they are – at concerts and online – to inform and empower
  • What other organizations are part of the AMPLIFY?
    • MDE US is also partnering with a wide variety of partners and coalitions to ensure we have timely, curated and meaningful calls to action. For example, Climate Changemakers is a modern advocacy network taking on the climate emergency with focused weekly actions and events.
  • How do I share the QR Codes with fans?
    • Artists can share QR codes before or during performances, in premade videos, printed signs or on display screens. We offer alternatives to make it easy for artists and fans to get engaged.
  • Can I direct fans to the other organizations?
    • We recommend our partner organizations given their track record and effectiveness, but we are not an exclusive program.

Additional questions? Email us at [[email protected]]

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