Music Declares Emergency worked with Evolution Music for Our Turn Up The Volume 2022 week to launch their revolutionary bioplastic vinyl. By removing oil from the vinyl supply chain, we felt Evolution Music was exactly the positive, innovative story that music does best. And lots of people agreed with us.

Since April, the vinyl has been covered by media across the world and become a hot topic within the music industry, leading to Evolution Music signing a deal with leading production house Key Productions, also good friends of ours, as their Lead Broker and Production Manager.

It won’t be too long before bioplastic vinyl is in the shops as Evolution are taking a lot of calls from interested labels, but MDE will always be able to say we were there first. Our super limited edition 4 track 12” featuring tracks from Secretly Group and Ninja Tune was the world’s first publicly available bioplastic release when we offered it to competition entrants to coincide with independent label market on 16th July 2022. Congratulations to the lucky winners, enjoy your slice of music history.